What are the characteristics of soft grip and hard grip in numerical control machining?

by:NJPE     2020-02-05
If you don't have a deep understanding of numerical control processing, you don't necessarily know that the card grasp is divided into soft grasp and hard grasp. You have been engaged in the experience summary and hard knowledge points of many years of numerical control processing Masters. The parts in charge of clamping the main and clamping the workpiece in the Chuck used in the lathe are called clamping jaws, which are used for clamping and positioning machine tool accessories. Low carbon steel is soft grip, hardened steel is hard grip, and most of them are evenly distributed 360 degrees, make the three clamping jaws approach or exit to the center at the same time to complete the work of precision parts machining. Soft Grip: CNC machining jaws without heat treatment or quenching and tempering jaws usually belong to soft grip. The characteristic of soft jaws clamping is that although the workpiece can still maintain the accuracy of a certain position through multiple clamping, the clamping correction time of the workpiece is greatly shortened, and it is usually used to fix workpieces with easily scratched surfaces to ensure coaxiality and length positioning and prevent clamping marks during clamping processing. Hard claw: the material will be harder. After heat treatment, the Rockwell hardness will reach more than 48, which has the characteristics of firmness and durability. For workpieces with low requirements for numerical control processing, hard grasping and clamping are usually used, generally, hard clamping jaws are used when large clamping force is required for rough lathe workpieces such as lathe bar and lathe blank; Usually to ensure rigidity and wear resistance. Soft Grip and hard grip have their corresponding characteristics. When processing workpieces of different materials or different requirements, selecting corresponding clamping jaws can often reduce defects of processed workpieces.
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