What are the differences between rough cutting and fine cutting?

by:NJPE     2020-01-12
The most common processing methods in the processing of precision parts are turning and milling parts, that is, some of our common precision parts are milling parts or turning parts, which can be collectively referred to as cutting parts, cutting can be divided into 'rough cutting' and 'fine cutting'. What are the differences between rough cutting and fine cutting? After the rough cutting of the workpiece, the whole workpiece is actually very close to the appearance and size required by the workpiece itself, but there is still a small margin on the surface of the workpiece for fine cutting, the surface of the workpiece after fine cutting is smoother and the size is more accurate. Under normal circumstances, the workpiece can reach the required appearance and size after one rough cutting and one fine cutting. However, not all workpieces need only one cutting, and some parts of some workpieces may need multiple rough cutting. At the same time, there are also some workpieces whose precision requirements are not too high or the cutting amount is very small, and it is also possible that the workpiece requirements can be met only after one fine cutting. Rough cutting because the workpiece needs to have a large margin of cutting, it needs to have a larger cutting force than fine cutting, which requires the machine, the tool, and the workpiece to meet the requirements, moreover, rough cutting can quickly remove the allowance, and the surface performance after the effect cannot be too rough. Fine cutting is to meet the requirements of the surface performance and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, so the cutting tools needed for fine cutting also need to be very sharp, because the cutting amount is small, therefore, the measurement precision is very high. The processing of parts is a direct change in the appearance of raw materials (Shape, size, position, performance) , Make it a semi-finished workpiece or finished product process, this process we call the process, that is, the processing process of parts, the processing process of precision parts is more complicated. Precision parts processing technology benchmarks can be divided into different types according to different processes: casting, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly, etc. The precision machining process of precision parts generally refers to the general term of the NC precision machining and machine assembly process of the whole parts, while other processes such as cleaning, inspection, equipment maintenance, Oil Seal, etc. are only auxiliary processes. The method of turning changes the surface properties of raw materials or semi-finished products. This process is called the numerical control machining process. The Numerical control machining process is the most important process in the precision parts machining industry. The following is a detailed introduction to the technological standards for CNC precision parts processing (1) Positioning reference, the positioning reference used by the lathe or fixture when the numerical control lathe is processed. (2) Measurement benchmark, which usually refers to the standard of size or position to be observed during inspection. (3) Assembly benchmark, which usually refers to the position standard of parts during assembly process.
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