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by:NJPE     2020-01-10

The production of manufacturers is related to mechanical equipment.  With the help of machinery, our workload, effect and speed are much faster. Although there are mechanical equipment to help, but in the face of customers on the quality of the product is so high. Naturally, the accuracy of the machining process is required to be high, such as precision machining of mechanical parts. When processing precision mechanical parts, digital program-controlled contour systems are widely used on milling machines, including Phase systems with wide technological capabilities, simplicity, reliability and low price, these systems are used by many factories, especially to control the processing of precision mechanical parts with large three-dimensional profiles. Correct preparation of control program is one of the main conditions to ensure the processing quality of precision mechanical parts. For the digital program control phase system, the preparation of the control program is carried out by adopting an automatic program preparation system, and its quality level depends to a large extent on the price of the preparation control program. Others are machining errors generated when manually controlling equipment.  These errors include accidental errors and system errors of process systems. The system error plays a major role in all machining errors, which will cause a series of CNC process system errors for the precision machining of precision mechanical parts as a whole. For example, clearance, its consequence is like the insensitive belt in the machine tool transmission chain, but does not include the clearance of the reverse transmission chain; Amplification factor of unstable transmission; Phase error on control program tape; . The periodic stepping instability of sensor feedback is mainly in the form of phase instability.
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