What are the parts drawing analysis of precision parts processing?

by:NJPE     2020-01-22
It is essential to formulate the machining process specification of parts before precision parts processing. It is necessary to analyze the manufacturability of parts and put forward analysis and modification opinions on product parts drawings, it is an important task in formulating process regulations. Analysis and formulation of processing technology for precision parts- NJPE precision, part drawings required for parts processing mainly analyze the material, shape, size precision of parts, blank shape and heat treatment requirements, etc. , so as to determine whether the parts are suitable for processing on CNC machine tools, or which type of numerical control machine is suitable for processing. Only those parts with small batch, complex shape, high precision requirements and short production cycle are most suitable for processing in numerical control machine tools. In the process of precision parts processing, the analysis is mainly carried out from the following two aspects: Analysis of precision parts processing technology-NJPE precision 1. Manufacturability analysis of part drawings: in the process of selecting and determining the content of numerical control processing, programmers should, according to the basic characteristics of numerical control processing and the functions and practical work experience of the numerical control machine tools used, the manufacturability of numerical control machining for part drawings is analyzed. 2. Part drawing process analysis content: part drawing process analysis content includes structural manufacturability analysis, contour geometric element analysis, dimensional labeling method analysis, Reliability Analysis of positioning datum, accuracy and technical requirement analysis, any workpiece for precision parts processing is inseparable from the analysis of parts drawings. Through the content of the above article, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of precision parts processing. If you want to know more about the industry knowledge, you can always pay attention to us by scanning the two-dimensional code below! Note: Some of the above text pictures come from the Internet.
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