What are the precision machining of the material requirements?

by:NJPE     2020-07-05
What are the precision machining of the material requirements?

release time: 2016/6/20 precision machining is not what materials can be precision machining, and some material hardness is too big, more than the hardness of the machining parts, it is possible to collapse the part, so the material is not suitable for precision machining, unless it is made of special material parts, or laser cutting. For precision precision machining of materials can be divided into two categories, metal materials and nonmetal materials. For metal materials, the hardness of stainless steel is the largest, followed by iron, followed by copper, the last is aluminum. And ceramic, plastic and other processing belongs to non-metallic materials processing. 1. First is on the material hardness requirements, for some occasion, material hardness is higher, the better, is only limited to precision machining parts hardness requirements, processing of materials can't be too hard, if than parts force will not be able to process. 2. Secondly, material is qualitative soft hard moderate, at least a grade lower than the hardness of the parts, but also to see what is the role of the device used for processing, rational selection of parts. In short, precision machining requirement for material or some, not what the material is suitable for processing such as too soft or too hard material, the former is necessary without processing, while the latter cannot be processed. The most basic one is, must pay attention to the density of the material before processing, if the density is too large, the equivalent of hardness is very big also, but if more than part hardness, hardness is not processed, it will not only damage parts, also can cause dangerous, such as turning tool fly slides out to hurt. So, in general, for machinery processing, material is lower than the hardness of machine tool, in this way can be processed.

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