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by:NJPE     2020-01-08

What are the specific contents of the safety operation procedures for CNC boring machines? Which ones need to be observed? This paper introduces its safety operation procedures in order to have a better understanding of CNC boring machine. The safety operation procedures for CNC boring machines are :(1)Abide by the general safety operation procedures of milling and boring workers. Wear labor protection supplies as required. (2) Check whether the connection of the operating handle, switch, knob, fixture mechanism and hydraulic piston is in the correct position, whether the operation is flexible, and whether the safety device is complete and reliable. (3) Check whether there are obstacles in the effective operation range of each axis of the machine tool. (4)It is strictly prohibited to use machine tools with super performance. According to the workpiece material, the cutting speed and feed rate of the whole material are selected. (5) When loading and unloading heavy workpieces, reasonable lifting tools and lifting methods must be selected according to the weight and shape of the workpieces. (6) When the spindle rotates and moves, it is strictly forbidden to touch the spindle and the tool installed at the end of the spindle. (7) When replacing the tool, it must be stopped first, and can be replaced only after confirmation.  Attention should be paid to the damage of the blade during replacement. (8) It is forbidden to trample on the guide surface and paint surface of the equipment or place articles on it. It is strictly prohibited to beat or straighten the workpiece on the workbench. (9) After inputting the processing program for the new workpiece, the correctness of the program must be checked, and whether the simulation operation program is correct or not.  Automatic cyclic operation is not allowed without testing to prevent machine tool failure. (10) When using flat rotary radial tool holder to cut separately, the boring bar should be returned to zero position first, and then M43 should be changed to flat rotary disc mode in MDA mode.  If U axis is to be moved, make sure that the U-axis manual clamping device has been loosened. (11) When you need to spin the table during work, you should ensure that it will not touch other parts of the machine tool during rotation, nor other objects around the machine tool. (12) When the machine tool is running, it is forbidden to touch around the rotating wire shaft, polished Rod, main shaft and flat rotary disc, and the operator is not allowed to stay on the moving parts of the machine tool. (13) When the machine is running, the operator is not allowed to leave the job or ask someone to take care of it. (14) If abnormal phenomena and noises occur during the operation of the machine tool, the machine shall be stopped immediately to find out the reasons and deal with them in time. (15) When the spindle box and workbench of the machine tool are in or close to the movement limit, the operator shall not enter the following areas: a. Between the bottom of the spindle box and the bed; B. Between boring shaft and work; c. When the boring shaft extends out, it is between the bed and the working table; d. Between the workbench and the spindle box when moving; e. When the boring shaft rotates, between the rear tail cylinder and the wall and the oil tank; f. Between the workbench and the front main column; g. Other areas that may cause extrusion. (16) When the machine tool is turned off, the Workbench must be retreated to the middle position, the boring bar should be returned, then the operating system should be withdrawn, and finally the power supply should be cut off. Unless noted, the article is original for Tiecheng mechanical numerical control precision machining center, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the address of this article, thank you. Source: http://www . wxdtc. com/
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