What are the steps for numerical control programming of precision parts processing?

by:NJPE     2020-01-22
Precision parts processing is a process that automatically processes the required workpieces according to a pre-prepared processing program. Usually, the processing process route, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions of the parts, according to the instruction code and program format specified by the numerical control machine tool, the processing program list is compiled, and then the contents of the program list are recorded on the control medium and then input into the numerical control device of the numerical control machine tool, so as to direct the machine tool to process, the whole process from the analysis of the part drawing to the control medium is called the programming of the numerical control program. Numerical control programming- NJPE precision numerical control programming can be subdivided into the following five steps :(1) Analyze the pattern and determine the machining process of precision parts: in the process of determining the machining precision, programmers should first analyze the shape, size and technical requirements of the workpiece according to the pattern, and then select the machining scheme, determine the processing sequence, processing route, clamping method, cutting tool and cutting parameters, etc. (2) Numerical calculation: according to the geometric size of the part drawing, the determined process route and the set coordinate system. Calculate the motion trajectory of rough and finish machining of parts and obtain tool position data. (3) Writing Program: after the processing route, process parameters and tool position data are determined, programmers can write the processing program list segment by segment according to the functional instruction code and program segment format specified by the numerical control system. (4) Preparation of control medium: preparation of control medium, that is, recording the contents of the compiled program list on the control medium as input information of the numerical control device. (5) Verification procedure and first piece trial cut: the procedure list and the prepared control medium must be checked and trial cut before they can be formally used. The verification method is to directly input the contents on the control medium into the numerical control device, let the machine tool rotate by air, that is, replace the knife with the pen, replace the workpiece with the coordinate paper, and draw the processing route to check whether the motion track of the machine tool is correct. According to the above content, the programming of CNC precision parts processing and its programming process not only need to be familiar with the structure of CNC machine tools, the functions and standards of CNC systems, but also must be a good technician, be familiar with the processing technology of parts, clamping method, selection knowledge of cutting tools and cutting parameters.
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