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by:NJPE     2020-01-12

What are the common instruments, processing procedures, production types and precautions for mechanical processing? Let's introduce these knowledge in detail so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of large-scale precision machining. 1. Common instruments for machining include digital display milling machine, digital display forming grinding machine, digital display lathe, electric Spark Machine, Universal Grinding Machine, cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine, precision lathe and other equipment, these equipments can be used for turning, milling, planing, grinding and other processing of precision parts, and their processing accuracy can reach 2um. 2. The processing procedure of mechanical processing the production process of mechanical processing includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, processing and heat treatment of parts, assembly and debugging of products, etc. Through mechanical processing, the shape, size and performance of raw materials can be changed to make them qualified finished products. This process is also called a technological process and consists of one or several sequential processes. 3. Production types of mechanical processing in mechanical processing, production types can usually be divided into three categories: one-piece production: that is, a certain part is produced separately, and repeated production is rare. Mass production: it is the production of the same parts in batches. Mass production: when the manufacturing quantity of products is very large, the production of a part needs to be repeated frequently. When the technological process of the parts is planned, due to the different production types of the parts, the processing methods, equipment, tools, blanks and technical requirements adopted are different. 4. Precautions for machining (1) To facilitate processing operations, minimize unnecessary bending and tiptoe movements. (2) Positioning should be accurate and reliable to prevent vibration and errors. (3) The movement direction of the operating parts of the equipment and the movement direction of the operated parts shall conform to the specified requirements and shall be simply marked. (4) Set up necessary interlocking mechanism to prevent uncoordinated action during Operation and cause danger. (5) The structure and arrangement position of the handle, handwheel and button shall meet the requirements. Generally, the start button should be installed in the cabinet, and a guard ring to prevent accidental touch should be installed.  The shaft Rod should be equipped with an automatic escape device to prevent the handwheel and handle from hurting people. 
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