What hardware processing of stamping die characteristics!

by:NJPE     2020-07-15
What hardware processing of stamping die characteristics! Release date: 2019 05 - 24 18:00:20

what hardware processing of stamping die characteristics!

stamping parts processing is the key to metallic materials or non-metallic materials plate, rely on the working pressure of press and according to the hardware mold stamping parts processing molding, metal processing is the key technology.

stamping mould is under the precondition of raw material cost, the stamping mould manufacturing out, its spare parts is very light, good bending stiffness, and thick plate after brittle fracture, internal organizational structure to obtain improved metal materials, the compressive strength of the stamping die gradually improved.

of the specifications of the stamping die with high precision, with modular specifications the same symmetry, good tolerance to cooperate. Don't have to deepen the assembly line of metal processing can only consider usually and application requirements.

in stamping die stamping die process, because the surface of raw materials is destroyed, so have good process performance, appearance is bright and clean and beautiful and easy, for the surface spraying, electroplating process, metal surface treatment phosphating and he presented the convenient standards.

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