What is the design of precision parts processing route?

by:NJPE     2020-01-23
The processing process of precision parts processing is a summary of the contents and sequences of several numerical control processing procedures, rather than the whole process from blank to finished product. However, the processing procedures are generally interspersed in the whole process of parts processing. Therefore, in the design of numerical control processing process route, the coordination with the whole process should be considered. CNC machining workshop- NJPE precision, parts processing route is the basis of the next process design, the design quality will directly affect the processing quality and production efficiency of parts. The main content of process route design is divided into process division and process arrangement. Process division: according to the characteristics of precision parts processing, the processing procedures are mainly divided into four types :(1)One-time clamping and processing is used as a process. (2) The content of the same tool is used as a process (3)Dividing the process by the processing part (4) Process arrangement is divided by coarse and fine machining: the arrangement of process sequence should be considered according to the structure of parts, blank condition, positioning and clamping needs, the key point is to ensure the rigidity of positioning and clamping workpieces and to ensure the accuracy when machining precision parts. Through the content of the above article, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of precision parts processing. If you want to know more about the industry knowledge, you can always pay attention to us by scanning the two-dimensional code below! Note: Some of the above text pictures come from the Internet.
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