Why does Gree Electric Appliance customize precision moulds to love NJPE alone?

by:NJPE     2020-02-08
Gree Electric Appliance was once again selected as the leader of the household appliance industry in the 2015 World Top 500 competition, ranking 384th. As a world-renowned enterprise, Gree Electric starts from the precision mold for producing parts and pays close attention to product quality. So, which company's mold does gree electric use? Today, let's take a look at it. It is reported that Gree Electric has its own precision mold factory, which does not accept external orders and only serves Gree Electric. The demand for precision molds of Gree Electric is huge, and it cannot be completely digested by the Interior. Therefore, some orders are handed over to NJPE precision molds Co. , Ltd. NJPE precision mould Co. , Ltd. is a precision mould processing factory jointly established by Gree Electric and Japan's Daikin. While providing moulds for Gree Electric and Daikin industry, it also undertakes external orders. NJPE mould has the most advanced high-precision equipment such as Makino and Mitsubishi, which can produce 0. Mold with 001mm precision. With injection mold, sheet metal mold, precision machining parts and products, as well as rich experience in household appliances, office equipment and automobile Mold Industry, NJPE mold is vigorously exploring external customers. If you need precision molds, you can contact them. NJPE precision mould adopts perfect quality management of Japanese-funded enterprises and Zeiss three-dimensional testing equipment. I believe their quality will definitely satisfy you. Do you also want to be one of the world's top 500? Then, learn from Gree Electric, start with precision molds. NJPE takes 'exceeding customer expectations' as its business objective and strives to create a world-class mold enterprise. If you want to know more about us, you can click on the precision mold online customer service consultation, or call NJPE hotline :! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. What about frequent mold failures? NJPE, a precision mold manufacturer, will solve your problems! NJPE precision mould, boosting industry' China Dream' with precision'
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