Zhuhai precision mould manufacturers discuss in detail the development status and prospect analysis of China's Mould Industry in 2015

by:NJPE     2020-01-29
Our country is moving towards a powerful country in mold manufacturing, and molds have played a very important role in our life. So, what is the development prospect of China's mold industry? Please see Zhuhai precision mould factory's analysis on the development status and prospect of China's Mould Industry: at the 2015 China International manufacturing technology, equipment and mould exhibition, which opened on May 25, the relevant person in charge of China Mold Industry Association told reporters that in 2014, China's mold industry realized a total sales of 163. 5 billion yuan, up year on year. 6%. Customs data show that in 2014, China's total import and export of moulds reached 7. 5 billion US dollars, an increase of 5. 5% over the previous year. 73%, of which the total import value is 25. 8. 8 billion US dollars, down from the previous year. 53%, total exports were 49. $1. 9 billion, an increase of 9. Over the previous year. 35%. This is the first time that China's mold export has entered single-digit growth since the international financial crisis in 2010 and the growth rate has exceeded 20% for four consecutive years. For more information, please refer to 2015- In-depth analysis of mold manufacturing industry and guidance report on '13th Five-Year Plan' in 2020. Zhuhai precision mould manufacturers learned from the China mould Association that the '12th Five-Year Plan' is a critical period for the healthy development of China's mould manufacturing industry. Although there are many environmental uncertainties at home and abroad, however, China's economic development is still in the period of rapid growth. The comparative advantage of China's molds in the international Mold market still exists, and the domestic Mold market is expected to continue to be optimistic, the mold industry shows a new trend that mold enterprises change from providing products to providing products and services, and product exports change from mold product exports to capital exports and service exports. The entire mold industry to the general contracting, subcontracting reasonable layout, mold enterprises to the market agglomeration, Alliance (Technology Alliance, Industry Alliance) Situation and upstream and downstream extension, the status of technology in equipment is increasingly changing. The investment of mould enterprises is under increasing pressure from equipment transformation and low efficiency of software application. Effective utilization of resources, integration and service become the main theme. Enterprise design, manufacturing and feedback manufacturing are integrated under the framework of quality control. Enterprise information flow, capital flow and logistics are vertically integrated. Customer data and management sharing become the direction of enterprise development. Zhuhai precision mould manufacturers learned from this exhibition that there is a great demand for medium and high-grade moulds in the domestic market, especially in the industries of household appliances, automobiles and plastic products, however, it must meet the needs of users in terms of quality and delivery time. In the international market, industrialized countries mainly produce high-precision molds, and the molds with large manual labor input rely on imports to solve the problem. As long as the quality of medium and low-end molds in China can be improved, the delivery time can be guaranteed, and the export market potential is still huge, the outlook is very optimistic. NJPE takes 'exceeding customer expectations' as its business objective and strives to create a world-class mold enterprise. If you want to know more about Zhuhai precision mold manufacturers, you can click on the right precision mold manufacturers online consultation, or call NJPE hotline: 0756-8593098! To pay more attention to NJPE dynamics, please go to NJPE's official website: https://www . njprecisionengineering. com /. 30 years of sheet metal stamping die technology precipitation, ingenuity dream, provide free optimization for your products, how much do you know about precision injection mold?
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